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Caught without a tampon, it was an idea conjured by the panic of surviving an upcoming meeting spill-free.

So we created a service to deliver subscription period care to your workplace, every month.

Copy. Fill. Send.

Hi [insert name(s) here],


I’ve recently come across WOOM: an exciting new service that provides subscription period care to Aussie workplaces for their staff. 

They’ve done some research and found that 99% of workers believe that providing free accessible period care makes a workplace more inclusive, yet only 32% of workplaces provide free period care. 


I won’t bore you with the numbers but you can take a look at the rest of their stats. It’s pretty eye-opening.

It seems pretty affordable and even easier to get started and maintain as it’s a set-and-forget type subscription.


I believe this would be a great initiative for the whole team at [insert company name] and have a positive impact on our culture and make our workplace experience a lot more inclusive. 


Looking forward to hearing what you think,


[insert your name here].

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