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The Truth: Uncovered

We spoke to Aussies to shed light on an unspoken taboo as part of

The Australian Workplace Period Care Audit 2022


The results? Pretty bloody shocking, if you ask us. 

of Aussies believe it's the workplace’s responsibility to provide free period care in the

What else is left unsaid?

“Periods suck. Having to maintain composure and professionalism while in pain and discomfort, dreaming of my heating pad at home- sucks. Having my employer make available free period products makes me feel like they took the extra step to make me feel seen."

“I think it should be something all organisations offer in the same way they provide toilet paper. It should be a part of work health and safety policies nationally.”

“It’s uncomfortable going into the office and not having enough period care in your own bag. You can sometimes think you have enough but life says otherwise.”

“Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time out of work to replace my tampon…”

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